Type: Vector Image Files

Acronym: CorelDRAW Image File

Opens With: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Inkscape, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

Drawing (or vector image) created with CorelDRAW; proprietary format used by Corel software and is not recognized by most image editing programs; if opened in CorelDRAW, the file can be exported in other more compatible formats.

CDR files can also be opened by Corel Paint Shop Pro, but for best compatibility, Corel recommends saving the CDR file as version 9.0 or earlier in CorelDRAW.

NOTE: Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or later may be able to open CDR files created with CorelDRAW 10 or earlier.


Type: Disk Image Files

Acronym: Macintosh DVD/CD Master

Opens With: Catacombae HFSExplorer, Apple Disk Utility, Apple DiskImageMounter

Disc image created on a Macintosh computer using the built-in Disk Utility program; may contain multiple folders and files in a single disc image file that can be burned to a CD; similar to an .ISO file created on a Windows computer.

To create a ".CDR" file with Apple Disk Utility, first select the "Convert" option, then open an existing disc image file. Next, select "DVD/CD master" from the Image Format menu and click "Save".

NOTE: If a ".CDR" file will not open on a Windows computer, it may be possible to open the file by changing the file extension from ".CDR" to ".ISO".


Type: Audio Files

Acronym: Raw Audio CD Data

Opens With: Any music player

CD audio track extracted or "ripped" from an audio CD to a computer's hard disk; similar to a .AIF or .WAV file, but does not contain the same header information; recognized by various audio programs.


Type: Data Files

Acronym: Crash Data Retrieval Data File

Opens With: Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System Software

Contains Event Data Recorder (EDR) information from automobiles with a Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) device installed; records events generated from sensors within the car.

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