Type:Audio Files

Acronym:Interchange File Format

Opens With: Adobe Audition 3, Apple QuickTime Player, XnView, Amiga Forever

Universal file format created by Electronic Arts; may contain image, text, or audio data; used for interchanging different types of data across applications and platforms; supported by many programs and used as the basis for several other file formats, including AIFF.

IFF files are comprised of sections of data called "chunks," which are defined by four-letter IDs. There are three main chunk types, each of which may contain text, numerical data, or raw data:

  • FORM: specifies the format of the file
  • LIST: includes the properties of the file
  • CAT: contains the rest of the data

The IFF format is also known as "EA IFF 1985" since Electronic Arts designed the file format in 1985. NOTE: IFF files used by The Sims and The Sims Online can be edited using IFF Snooper for the Mac platform or IFF Pencil for Windows.