Type:Game Files

Acronym:Terraria Player File

Opens With:Terraria

Player profile saved by Terraria, a 2D sandbox construction action and adventure game; saves the player's status, including health and mana points and appearance; used for tracking player progress throughout the game.

Terraria PLR files are saved to the following directory: [user]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Players\.

NOTE: Terraria also creates backup files for players using the compound extension ".plr.bak." This enables players to be recovered if the PLR file becomes corrupt.


Type: Game Files

Acronym: rFactor Player File

Opens With: Image Space rFactor, any text editor

Player file used by rFactor, a car racing game developed by Image Space; contains player profile information, such as the last race track used, the car the player drove, and many others; used for loading player data in the game.

rFactor player files are stored in a plain text format and can be edited with a text editor. However, you should be careful when making edits, since changing the file can cause the game to malfunction.

PLR files are saved to the \UserData\[playername]\ directory of an rFactor installation.

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