Type:Data Files

Acronym:PowerPoint Open XML Presentation

Presentation file created by Microsoft PowerPoint, a program used to create slide show presentations; contains a collection of slides, including their text, images, formatting, animations, drawn objects, and other media; commonly used in business meetings, marketing applications, and academic classroom settings.

In contrast to .PPT files, which store all presentation data in a single binary file, PPTX files are created using the Open XML format, which stores documents as a collection of separate files in a compressed zip package. The file types include XML document properties, images, macros, charts, and other media files.

File types in PPTX files are also more accessible than those in PPT files. For example, slide notes are accessible as plain text files and slide images are stored as separate image files within the PPTX file.

PPTX files can be opened by PowerPoint 2007 or later for Windows, or with PowerPoint 2008 or later for Mac OS X. They are also backwards compatible with previous versions of PowerPoint for Mac and Windows via Open XML component support.

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