Type:Game Files

Acronym: SimCity 2000

Opens With: SimCity 2000

Game file used by SimCity 2000, a city building simulation game; also used by Streets of SimCity and SimCopter, which enhance the 2D gameplay into 3D; contains specifications for a city's terrain, buildings, roads, water, and other map features; used for map start conditions.

SC2 files are saved in the Interchange File Format (.IFF files), a format that has been used by many Electronic Arts games. NOTE: SimCity 2000 was originally released for early Mac platforms and MS-DOS. To play the game in recent versions of Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can use an DOS emulation software such as DOSBox or Oracle's VirtualBox (with DOS installed).


Type: Audio Files

Acronym: Sample Cell II Instrument Definition

Opens With: Sample Cell II

Contains a single instrument definition and references to external audio files used by the instrument; created on Macintosh and Windows platforms, but incompatible with each other.

Does not contain actual audio data.

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