Type:Game Files

Acronym:Terraria World File

Opens With: Terraria

Game file used by Terraria, a 2D action adventure and sandbox construction game; saves a world, which contains terrain, water, monsters, items, and other objects; used for single or multiplayer gameplay and can be loaded by the Terraria dedicated server, which allows players to host Terraria worlds over a network. World files may be a pre-installed game map, or they may be a custom map created by the user. WLD files are saved to the following directory in Windows: [user]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\. WLD files can be edited using the Terraria Map Editor (TEdit). They can be viewed without the Terraria game using the Terraria World Viewer.


Type: GIS Files

Acronym: ESRI World File

Opens With: GDAL

GIS file created in the ESRI World (WLD) format, which is an ASCII text format that specifies coordinate information for a raster image; stores six lines of data and includes the pixel size, rotation, and coordinate location.

NOTE: By knowing the pixel size, the coordinate of the upper-left pixel, and the rotation information of a raster image, the location of an aerial photo can be placed precisely on a map.

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